Gas Leaks

Gas emergency services

If you suspect a gas leak at your home, contact Gasfix immediately. We offer 24/7 gas leak assistance for properties located in Grays and across the Essex region.

24/7 emergency gas engineers

Gas leaks are bound to happen due to poor quality installation of gas appliances, or due to non-maintenance of it, which can lead to serious life threatening implications such as carbon monoxide poisoning. At Gasfix, we utilise advanced gas detectors to identify slightest of the gas leaks, that help us quickly fix it.

As Gas safe registered engineers, we have the knowledge and are equipped with the know-how of identifying and fixing gas leaks safely and effectively. If you have any questions, you can always call us and we are glad to assist you.
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Gas emergency
Have a gas leak at home? Call the 24/7 gas emergency specialists in Grays.
Call 01375 400 215 or 07861 764 336
boiler services

Complete gas and boiler services undertaken

From installation to repair, Gasfix undertakes boiler and gas services for customers in Grays and across the Essex region. From gas pressure check and leak detection to boiler installation and repair, let us know your requirement and we'll be at your service as soon as we can.

You can also obtain gas safety check certificate that confirms accurate functioning of gas appliances in your property.

If you need information on pricing, get in touch with us. We are located in Grays and offer services to customers located across the Essex region.
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